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Change within the Australian health setting is happening at a rapid pace. Clinician Development Australia will ensure that you are at the forefront of best practice. We offer professional development to clinicians working within a variety of health settings.


Nursing in Australia: getting work ready

Whether a new nursing graduate or a qualified registered nurse looking to enter into the Australian healthcare system, Nursing in Australia: Getting Work-Ready is an invaluable resource!  The authors have a combined international nursing experience of over 25 years and have worked across multiple levels of nursing.  The aim is to enable nurses to gain insight into the world of Australian nursing, the Australian healthcare system and the common challenges potential employees face.  The text covers: the Australian health care system, the healthcare workforce, nursing and the law, professional practice and continuous development, constructing resumes and answering those difficult interview questions, and finishes with detailing clinical practice in Australia.

Since its first publication as an eBook, it has been a great success.  As a result, it is currently being edited for formal publication in 2017!  We’ll keep posted on its progress!


Nursing in Australia: Getting Work-Ready


Triage | ATS Pro app

Triage, the first and continuing point of contact for patients presenting to the Emergency Department, is a complex and challenging role undertaken by experienced emergency nurses on a daily basis. Triage | ATS Pro contains over 2000 adult and paediatric triage scenarios based upon the Australasian Triage Scale. The triage scenarios have been developed by experts in the field to sharpen your decision-making skills. Triage | ATS Pro comes with 6 quizzes, all designed to test your limits:

1) Practice: We’ve included 75 of our most challenging triage scenarios to practice on. No timers, no pressure, just practice.

2) General: everyone and their aunt and nephew are coming to see you!

3) 3 or 4?: you have only two choices, ATS 3 or 4, you decide.

4) It’s NOT 3: The wrong answer is ATS 3, so, what other ATS category are you going to choose?

5) Paediatrics: Grab the bubbles, the kids are loose!

6) Adults only: the bigger they are, the bigger the problem.

Test your skills, challenge your friends and come back for more!  Now available on Android!